Unhappy Skin? Can’t Find A Solution? It’s time for The Holistic Skin Circle!

You’re most likely here because you have some kind of chronic skin issue, be it acne, eczema, rosacea, etc. and you’ve tried just about everything to solve it. You’ve probably also read every article, tried every treatment and bought whatever was recommended to you to help “cure it”. I get it. I’ve been there. And, through all of this, did you ever truly get to the bottom of it? Likely, no. Well, you’ve come to the right place as this is exactly why Julie Longyear (founder of Blissoma Skincare, Herbal Chemist and a Holistic Skincare Expert) created the Holistic Skin Circle. It’s an affordable ($25) 5-day online course that helps those of you with skincare problems learn about what’s causing your issue(s) and how to bring the body back into balance. It’s also worth noting that Julie herself, suffered with cystic acne in the past, so she has officially “been there,” too. Check it out here.

I want to start off by saying that the body is an incredible machine. And although it feels as if it’s betraying us when we are riddled with painful or “unsightly” skincare issues, it’s really just a sign that things are imbalanced and that we need to take a deeper dive into what’s happening. Below are some questions about your skin that Julie will explore with you.

WHAT? I used to love when anyone in the skincare industry asked me what was going on with my skin. It gave me the rare opportunity to vent and, fingers crossed, the hope was that they’d have some kind of a solution for me. The Holistic Skin Circle helps you to define going on with your skin. What your skin is doing right now is a valuable clue to what could be causing the problem.  Is your skin inflamed, itchy, red, or congested?  All of these different symptoms can help you determine if your skin issue is actually coming from the inside or outside of your body.

WHERE? Where specifically is this happening for you…what part of your face or body? Believe it or not, answering this question can give you a TON of information about what your body is trying to tell you and how you can give it what it needs.

WHEN? Another one of the big questions we ask ourselves when we’re battling skin dramas, “When the heck did this actually start?” Discovering the root cause of our skin problems is essential: Am I reacting to food, an allergen in makeup, stress, hormones or is it seasonal thing?

Julie, having worked with thousands of clients over her ten years in the holistic skincare industry, is well-aware that people have no idea just how much of a difference a few key changes can make, “Instead of just trying things and hoping, I’m actually able to direct people to the best, most effective, scientifically-supported lifestyle solutions. This small bit of effort will save them a ton of time, money, and frustration long -term.” Julie gave me some basic recommendations for optimal skin health here, but I recommend joining the Circle so you can learn all about the main trigger areas, too: Skin Contact/Environment, Gut/Immune Health and Hormones. Some of Julie’s musts:

  • Hydrate well
  • Eat healthy fats to boost your skin barrier
  • Get quality sleep
  • Do some stress-reducing activities
  • Wash bedding and clothing with sensitive, scent-free detergent
  • Reduce the number of skincare products you are using to give skin a rest. Unfortunately, skincare is often the cause of many skin problems!

Julie deep-dives in her 5-day course and helps you work towards clearing up your skin problems at the foundation. She’ll walk you through the process of understanding your skin challenge and all of the physical and emotional factors that go with it. She’ll then give you 5 new habits to adopt (along with worksheets you can do on your own). I love an online course as you can learn at your own pace, pausing to take notes or pausing because…life! I only wish I had this when I was dealing with my skin problems years ago. For more information, or to sign up visit the Holistic Skin Circle.

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