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What are citrulline’s benefits?

In general, much research suggests a modest reduction in blood pressure and improvement in blood flow from chronic citrulline supplementation, particularly for those with hypertension and other cardiovascular problems. Limited research suggests an improvement in power output, a reduction in fatigue and improved endurance for both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Many of the studies have used acute citrulline supplementation, and it is possible that there is an effect there, but benefits are more likely to be found from chronic supplementation. More research for erectile dysfunction but a small amount of research is supportive of a beneficial effect. There’s more positive research for arginine, and citrulline increases arginine levels so it is plausible that it is also effective for this purpose.



Citrulline is a natural supplement that is considered a non-essential amino acid, and unlike L-Arginine, it is not widely present in all proteins. The body can make its own citrulline; it can also be found in some foods (such as watermelon). Over the past decade, Citrulline has received considerable scientific attention examining potentially ergogenic properties for both aerobic and anaerobic exercise performance.

Although blood flow enhancement is a proposed mechanism for the ergogenic potential of Citrulline, evidence supporting acute improvements in vasodilation and skeletal muscle tissue perfusion after supplementation is scarce and inconsistent.

Nevertheless, several studies have reported that Citrulline supplementation can enhance exercise performance and recovery. Given the positive effects observed from some investigations, future studies should continue to investigate the effects of both acute and chronic supplementation with Citrulline and citrulline malate on markers of blood flow and exercise performance and should seek to elucidate the mechanism underlying such effects.

When Should You Take Citrulline? Citrulline is most commonly added to pre-workout supplements. To see the best results, take a supplement that contains Citrulline about 30 minutes before your workout. Many people like to take these supplements on an empty stomach to promote better absorption.

How much citrulline should I take for erectile dysfunction? However, one study from the British Journal of Nutrition found that doses between 2 and 15 grams (g) were safe and well-tolerated by the men in the study. Supplements available in stores range from 500 milligrams (mg) to 1.5 g. Some supplements contain a mixture of L-citrulline and other ingredients.

Citrulline’s Health Benefits

Although there is truly little scientific research evidence to back many of the claims of Citrulline health benefits, the natural supplement is said to have several health-promoting properties and is used for health conditions, including:

  • Enhancing physical exercise
  • Improving athletic performance
  • Helping with erectile dysfunction
  • Lowering high blood pressure
  • Treating sickle cell anemia

Studies of Citrulline Supplement Effectiveness

  1. Athletic Performance

A 2010 randomized dual-blind study (the gold standard of clinical studies) including 41 men, exposed that a single dosage of citrulline produced in a important increase in the quantity of barbell bench presses (accounting for 52.92% more repetitions) and a 40% decrease in muscle soreness after exercise.

Another research, published in 2017, examining at older individuals found citrulline modestly increased muscle blood flow throughout submaximal workout in men but not women. The same study discovered that the diastolic blood pressure of the treated group was lowered in men but not women.

  1. Cardiovascular (Heart and Blood Vessel) Health

Studies have shown that short-term Citrulline supplementation can lower blood pressure in adults with hypertension (high blood pressure) and those with pre-hypertension. These studies suggest that pharmaceutical/nutraceutical grade Citrulline was instrumental in promoting heart health.

  1. Erectile Dysfunction

Citrulline is said to boost L-arginine, which in turn helps to elevate nitrogen oxide (NO) synthesis. NO promotes the relaxation of blood vessels, resulting in oxygen-rich blood circulating through the arteries. Therefore, L-arginine is said to promote heart health, but it is also important in erectile function.

In a study of 24 participants from the age of 56 to 66, the use of L-citrulline was found to improve the erection score from 3 (mild erectile dysfunction) to 4 (normal erectile function) in 50% of the men who took it, as compared to improvement in 8.3% of the men who took a placebo.

  1. Sickle Cell Disease

Studies have shown that some symptoms of sickle cell disease may be alleviated by taking a twice-daily dose of Citrulline by mouth. Not only was blood health improved with the administration of citrulline, but study subjects also realized an improvement in overall well-being.

A double-blind clinical research study involving study participants with sickle cell anemia (SCA) discovered a link between an increased level of NO and a decrease in the frequency that the study subjects experienced pain. This study found that L-arginine supplementation may serve to potentiate the treatment of sickle cell anemia, but the study authors explained that more research is needed to evaluate the long-term safety and efficacy of these natural supplements.

Volume 48.0g (400mg X 120 tablets)

Ingredients: citrulline, zinc, guarana, viper powder, maca powder, Cordyceps mycelium powder, Cistanche Tubulosa extract, ginkgo leaf extract powder, soft-shelled turtle powder, Muira Puama extract powder, ginger extract powder, cellulose, calcium stearate, activated carbon, Panax ginseng, Rosea dry extract, placenta, silicon dioxide,

Preservation      Place under cool and dry. Prevent hot, humid, and directly shined conditions.

Direction              Take 1 tablet per day with water as a nutrient supplement.

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