Prodovite Moments Multivitamin Mineral Complex


Prodovite Moments are easy to take a shot of your daily multi vitamins while being involved in everyday routines such as driving, riding a bike, or even taking an elevator. No water required and no refrigeration make these great for on the go busy people! Keep one in your gym bag, desk drawer, or cupboard at home so you can always have a healthy vitamin & energy shot nearby!! Also great for travel. They are airport friendly and can be taken in any overnight bag.

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Prodovite Moments Single Serving 16/box is our travel version of Prodovite.® You will enjoy our 1-ounce small k-cups for sampling, traveling, and when on the go! Prodovite® Moments nutritionally supports energy, vitality, and optimal health.

After a long absence, this convenient way to share, sample and travel with Prodovite is returning, giving you three distinct ways to get the Prodovite you know and love.  Additionally, Prodovite Moments are a powerful business building and marketing tool you will want to incorporate into your VNI Life strategy!

For those of you not familiar with Prodovite Moments, they are individual 1-ounce servings of Prodovite that come in single serving sealed cups that you can take anywhere and they don’t require refrigeration.  They are sold in boxes of 16 individual servings and provide the convenience that so many of you are looking for.

We are excited to offer this product choice to you and we trust you will find them a great addition to the VNI family of products.

Energy and Vitality

You need to make sure you have all the resources you need to stay ahead of today’s fast-paced life. You are made of Air, Water, Food, and Sunshine. The importance of each of those things can be measured by how long you live without them. So, air and water are the two most important to stay alive. Moreover, the quality of your health is directly proportional to and dependent on the quality and usability of those factors. Food (nutrition) is what enables your body to use air, water, and sunshine; and Prodovite enables your body to make better use of your food as well. Prodovite® is a liquid multivitamin, mineral, and phytonutrient complex that uses an exclusive Prodosome® Encapsulation Technology to promote rapid and sustainable absorption of its nutritional ingredients. Prodovite® provides nutrients that enable your body to achieve the best use of air (oxygen), water, and sunshine; and supports optimal health, energy and vitality by simultaneously delivering quality bioavailable and bioactive ingredients into the body quickly and effectively.

Prodosome® Encapsulation ensures maximum bio-availability because:

  • Made with premium quality nutritional ingredients
  • The Advanced-Shear TBJet Compression (a type of advanced wet milling) and Prodosome® Encapsulation promote rapid and sustainable absorption and benefits
  • EFIquence® Energy Frequency Imprinting technology impregnates and saturates the SK713 phospholipids with a natural solar-evaporated proprietary electrolyte complex to increase the energy signature and benefit of the Prodosomes.
  • Prodosomes result in highly stabilized clustoidal multi-lamellar energetically enhanced liposomes, mimicking human tissue and, in a production batch that when allowed to stand for several hours, has generated an exothermic reaction; heating up to 98.6 degrees F (i.e. body temperature).
  • Provides sustained blood levels of valuable health promoting ingredients

Prodovite® Supplement Live Blood Cell Imaging

Watch stunning before and after results of what an individual’s blood analysis looks like. The individual’s blood is first sampled, then this individual is given 1 ounce of the Prodovite® Multi-Vitamin. The Microscopist waits 5 minutes and then takes another blood sample. This study demonstrates that Prodovite’s ingredients Get In. Wait until you see the difference this product makes.

Prodovite® is unlike anything on the market:

  • Manufactured with the Prodosome® encapsulation delivery technology
  • Produced utilizing a novel Advanced Shear TBJet Compression Process (a mechanical ‘predigestion process’) to reduce particle size and improve uniformity
  • Supplies complementary nutrients for maximum synergistic benefits
  • Achieves both rapid and prolonged absorption
  • Absorption begins even before you swallow
  • Enables nutrient clusters to be absorbed at the same time…i.e. ‘synchronized absorption’
  • Phytosil is a potent herbal complex of ‘one part herb to one part water’ extraction ratio
  • Breakthrough formulation backed by ongoing clinical research
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