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Total Health Improvement with Portable Hydrogen Gas Inhaler KENCOS4. Made in Japan.

$895.00 $695.00

The Pain Relief Device HeatLux Pro II FDA Approved for OTC

$559.00 $459.95

Back pain Relief Therapeutic Mat – Lumbarest Spinal Traction System STM18

$490.00 $395.00

Vertical Spine Support Cushion for Chair or Car Seat Detensor

$198.00 $157.00

Therapeutic Proctological Anti-Decubitus Horisontal Cushion Detensor

$199.00 $149.00

ThionExtra · Immunity and Health with Anti-Oxidant Function


Brain Reward® – Mind and Body Wellness Patented Dopamine Support Supplement by VNI


The Best Height Growth Supplement CALhighMX – Calcium Based Supplement 120 tablets.


Prodovite Concentrate Liquid Multivitamin Mineral Complex


Prodovite Multivitamin Mineral Complex


N-Sorb to Support Metabolism & Digestion (30 servings)


The Functional Cervical Support Roll-Pillow Detensor (FCS)

$99.00 $69.00

PerformLyte Electrolyte and Phytonutrient Formula. 30 Day Supply


Prodovite Moments Multivitamin Mineral Complex


Sugar Blocker to Block Carbohydrates and Sugar. Made in Japan.

$89.00 $64.00

Brain Reward® a Patented Dopamine Support Supplement by VNI in Display Box (16 tablets)