MASAMI Mekabu Hydrating Shampoo Sulfate Free, Paraben Free, Vegan.


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Mekabu is the nutrient-rich, pine-cone looking part of the Wakame, which is a type of brown edible seaweed. The more well-known Wakame is the leafy part of the plant, whereas Mekabu is the part just above the root system. Yoho Mekabu Fucoidan + is made with the purest fucoidan from Mekabu plus fucoidan from Mozuku with the highest sulfates concentration, harvested in the seas of Okinawa and Northern Japan. To this powerful combination, Agaricus blazei mycelium was added to create the finest synergistic health supplement.

MASAMI Shampoo gently cleanses and nourishes for the ultimate in hydrated hair. MASAMI Shampoo leaves hair healthy, soft, and silky.

Enriched with the nourishing power of the Japanese ocean botanical Mekabu, MASAMI Shampoo is luxurious, low foaming, and adds the ultimate in shine and hydration for all hair types.
For Best Results: After shampooing with MASAMI, leave the lightweight conditioner on for 3-4 minutes to let the hydration fully penetrate your hair and then rinse out.

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